Sex workers and residents have "positive" meeting

A voluntary accord regulated by Christchurch sex workers could be developed following a "positive and promising" with disgruntled residents and local councillors.

Shirley-Papanui councillors Ali Jones and Pauline Cotter called for the meeting between sex workers and Manchester St residents after a fed-up homeowner came to blows with a prostitute. 

Today's private meeting at Abblerley Park Hall in St Albans was also attended by local businesses and community organisations, police, and the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective. 

In a joint statement, Jones and Cotter said they had agreed to take a list of actions back to the Christchurch City Council for further discussion. 

The actions included the development of a voluntary accord to be regulated by the sex workers themselves and investigating whether public toilets and rubbish bins could be added to the areas where sex workers operate.

Jones said tensions had been rising since sex workers moved north to the residential part of Manchester St when the inner city was cordoned off after the earthquakes. 

She hoped today's meeting would help reassure both residents and sex workers that their voices were being heard.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the ideas and possible resolutions discussed being further developed so that we can have this issue sorted as soon as possible," she said.

The proposed accord was to be drafted by sex workers, police, council staff and the Youth and Cultural Development (YCD) outreach service.

Jones said local residents who attended the meeting supported the idea.


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