Hospital to host epic crane lift

22:54, Nov 26 2013

Normally the home of precision surgery, tonight Christchurch Hospital will host a 300-tonne crane in the biggest mobile crane lift the South Island has ever seen.

Reaching 120 metres high, the crane required approval from the Civil Aviation Authority and a smaller, 34-tonne crane will be used to set up the flying jib on the big crane.

CDHB building services engineer Dave Watson said the addition of new wards to the Parkside building meant a new cooling tower was needed to support the airconditioning system.

The crane will lift the cooling tower from the Oxford Tce side of the hospital, across two link corridors and over the area between Wards 18 and 19 on the third level and Wards 16 and 17 on the second level.

The areas will be cleared before the lift begins around midnight.

Traffic management will be set up in Oxford Tce outside the hospital from 7pm tonight. The road will be reduced to one lane, and the bus stop and taxi stand will temporarily be moved 100m east.

The road should be cleared by 4am.

The upper car park in front of the canopy will be closed from 3pm until 2am.


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