Last hurdle lifted for New Regent St

03:36, Dec 05 2013
New Regent St
'THRILLED': New Regent Street Business Association chairman Dan Joines says there is an excited buzz on the street after fences around five unrepaired properties were removed.

Shop owners on New Regent St are ''thrilled'' and embracing Christmas after the final hurdle has been lifted from the lane.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) this week reached an agreement with the owners of five unrepaired properties to complete strengthening work on two quake-prone units and remove the fence at the Armagh St end.

New Regent Street Business Association chairman Dan Joines thanked Cera and said there was an excited buzz on the street as the tram trundled past the shops and people enjoying coffees in the sun this afternoon.

''It's all good news. It means the street is complete and you can walk unhindered from one end to the other.''

Joines said having the fence lifted added a boost of confidence to surrounding shop owners.

''They were essentially like road works.''

It is understood that Helen Thacker is the building owners' representative. Property records show Joan Patricia Thacker owns the five unrestored units.

Christmas trees were now on display and on Saturday there would be a two-piece band and street buskers playing, as well as the Wizard dressed as Santa.


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