Floral cheer removed from building site

02:40, Dec 06 2013
Richard Owens
NO FLOWERS HERE: Richard Owen hung flower baskets at the former Elmo Courts building to brighten the site up, but was told to remove them for safety reasons.

A bunch of flower baskets hanging from scaffolding in a bid to brighten up a Christchurch building site have been taken.

Richard Owen, 75, placed about 25 hanging flower baskets on scaffolding at his building site on the corner of Hereford and Montreal streets about three weeks ago.

The site is the former St Elmo Courts, which was declared unsafe after the September 2010 earthquake and was demolished after the February 2011 quake.

A six-storey office building, which is due for completion in June next year, is being built there now.

Ashton Owen said his dad, Richard Owen, put the hanging flower baskets up to brighten the city.

"He loves having the flowers and having them there. We have had lots of comments from people that like them."

However, the building site manager asked the Owens to remove them as they were not allowed to have any extra unnecessary loads on scaffolding.

Owen said they understood the site manager was following the rules, but his dad was a little "grumpy" to take down the flowers.

He was unsure what they would do with the baskets now.


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