Secret Santa recipient in Hog heaven

19:56, Dec 21 2013
Chris Elles
HOG HEAVEN: Christchurch motorbike dealer Chris Elles, left, and salesman Jamin Parker say they now believe in Santa.

If you ask Christchurch motorbike dealer Chris Elles, he will tell you he believes in Santa.

All the proof he needed was when an unknown man, since dubbed Secret Santa, walked into the Rolling Thunder Motor Company bike shop and bought a $30,000 Harley- Davidson. The catch was the bike was not for him.

"He just walked in and said he wanted to buy a Harley for a guy he knew who was going through some tough times," Elles said. "That's a pretty substantial gift."

The identity of Secret Santa has been kept under wraps, as has the name of the new Harley owner.

Salesman Jamin Parker dealt with the sale and delivered the bike last Thursday morning.

"This guy was into bikes," Parker said. "He was speechless. Still is. I think he has his suspicions about who gave it to him, but he'll never know for sure."


Elles said he knew "for a fact" that Secret Santa had bestowed anonymous and expensive gifts in previous years, always keeping details private.

"We've never had something this selfless, or an act this cool, happen in our shop," he said. "It's the coolest gesture I've ever heard of and, since the earthquakes and all, it really restores your faith in humanity.

"Santa is real."

Sunday Star Times