Couple married in unique ceremony

23:43, Jan 03 2014
Cathedral Square wedding
UNIQUE CEREMONY:Celia Jardine and Steve King are married by celebrant Julie Lassen at the foot of the Chalice in Cathedral Square.

Steve King and Celia Jardine tied the knot with the ruins of the Christ Church Cathedral as their backdrop.

About 40 peopled gathered beneath the Cathedral Square Chalice to witness the unique ceremony yesterday.

The couple chose to wed in the shadow of the shattered Anglican cathedral because it represented new beginnings, but also held a link to the past.

Steve King and Celia Jardine
CREATING MEMORIES: Steve King and Celia Jardine

"Round us is all devastation, but here in the square, it's still alive - it's like the city's beating heart and this is a new beginning for us too," the bride said.

To begin the ceremony, Jardine read out a poem she had written titled The City of our Lives.

"We stand here now in the unfamiliar familiar place, creating memories of our future, dearly beloved. This is the city of our lives, the place which has chosen us to call it home," she read.


The pair then rhymed their way through the wedding vows much to the amusement of their guests.

"I will love you all my life," Jardine said, to which King replied, "then hurry up and be my wife."

Jardine, 47, works as a teacher at Christchurch Girls' High School and her Brooklands home was red-zoned after the city's earthquakes.

She has since moved into a new rebuilt home with King, 46, who works for a bitumen supply company.

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