Car hits pole in high-speed chase

00:49, Jan 05 2014

An early morning police pursuit ended after a car collided with a pole outside a central city motel.

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The car, believed to be stolen, had been driving dangerously around the streets of Christchurch before it was stopped on Deans Ave at about 1am, witnesses said.

Tez Birgin, who had been staying at the Argyle On The Park motel, heard the sound of "skidding and sirens" outside his unit last night while watching a movie.

He looked outside and saw a car stopped in the middle of the street, with about half a dozen cars surrounding it.

Birgin said the driver of the vehicle, a female in her mid-20s, was arrested.


She "looked drunk", he said.

No-one was believed to be injured in the crash.

Police have yet to provide details on the incident.

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