Bride, lion, turtle clamber through city

02:04, Jan 05 2014
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
GREEN DAYS: A turtle-themed Alok Pradhan makes progress over the container obstacle.
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
BRIDAL: Caley Brown doesn't let her veil slow her down.
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
TEAM WORK: Help was needed to get over the second to last container obstacle.
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
BRIDAL RUNNERS: Julie Maxwell, right, gives her daughter, Caley Brown, a lift.
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
SCRAMBLE: Care taken to negotiate the mid-air nets.
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
WINNER: Sam Hall-McMaster - here negotiating the net in Latimer Square - was the first to finish.
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
DIGGER CLIMB: First home Sam Hall-McMaster races over the obstacles.
CBD Stampede - Christchurch 2014
FURRY FUN: Stephen Coshall in his lion suit negotiates the car obstacle.
Team Pukeko
TEAM PUKEKO: Josie McCabe, left, Mehreen Farrow, and Connor Doran, get over the double digger obstacle.

Cantabrians young and old tackled cargo nets and climbing over diggers and cars in the inaugural CBD Stampede.

Race director John Moore said 230 contestants took part in the 8-kilometre obstacle course through the central city this morning.

The youngest entrant was 13 and the oldest was 64, Moore.

"They both made it up and over the cargo net . . . everyone had a great time."

Obstacles included climbing over diggers and cars, running through tyres and crawling through pipes.

Moore said it took staff a "solid three days" to set the course up.

"But it was well worth it."

Ex-Cashmere High student Sam Hall-McMaster won the race in just under 35 mins.


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