Hills and Harbour

Snow for Port Hills?

Summit Rd snow

Snow down to 100m is possible on Banks Peninsula today.

Rockfall protection plan canned

Phil Elmey

Council finally decides area-wide rockfall mitigation on the Port Hills is not financially viable.

First trip to beach opens eyes


A special memory of driving out to Sumner for the first time is fondly recalled by lifelong Christchurch resident Alan Clark.

Widower in 'black hole'

Abi Hone and Ella Summerfield

Man whose "soulmate" wife and daughter were killed in a horror crash says the "pain is unbearable". | Driver to pay

Driver to pay for deaths

Abi Hone and Ella Summerfield

The driver who ran a stop sign, killing a Sumner mum and two girls, will pay reparation to both families. | Widower shattered

Kunekune piglet missing in Sumner

Peppa the kunekune pig

A popular member of the Sumner community has gone AWOL - Peppa the kunekune pig.

Obese man taken to hospital

Fire Service firefighters generic

A 220kg man rescued last night after becoming stuck in his shower was taken to hospital today.

Lyttelton Tunnel traffic warning

Lyttelton road tunnel

Traffic will be restricted to a single lane through Lyttelton Tunnel between 8pm and 6am tonight.

Sumner: Remember not to flush tonight


Sumner and Redcliffs residents should not flush the loo for six hours tonight.

Passing trucks 'feel like quakes'

Celia St traffic

Residents say passing trucks and buses feel "like an earthquake" as Sumner traffic is diverted.

Leaders hit the Port Hills

City leaders try tandem mountain biking

Roger Sutton and Karleen Edwards

Cyclists and runners urged to get out on to reopened stretch of Summit Rd after rockfall work completed.

King pledges Rangiora health funds


Rangiora and Akaroa will get $12.5m of direct health funding under a Labour government.

Why are port workers still dying?

Helen Dungey

Why, when there are less people working on New Zealand ports and more modern technologies in place, are workers still being hurt and killed?

Wharfies in battle

Lyttelton Port

A spate of port deaths is being attributed to inexperienced workers, back-to-back shifts and a lax safety culture. | Why are port workers still dying?

Akaroa Museum to re-open in 2015

Cruise ship in Akaroa

A $500,000 government grant will allow quake repairs and strengthening for the Akaroa Museum.

Motorcyclist dies in cop chase

Fatal police chase crash in Chch

Police who chased a fleeing motorcyclist worked frantically in vain to save Darren Wilson's life.

Sumner Rd plan put on hold

Sumner Rd closed

Council delays project to reopen road by up to two months, during which it may reconsider route.

Lyttelton Port plan promising

Liz Mangan

Residents optimistic about development but want traffic fears addressed. l Bold vision for $1b project

Lyttelton's $1b project

Simeon Quay

Lyttelton Port unveils plan for vibrant waterfront with cafes, bars, a commercial marina and a fish market.

Summit Rd to reopen


Hazardous rocks blasted to enable reopening of parts of Summit Rd to walkers and bikers.

Growing old at Sumner beach

Swimmers at Sumner beach

OPINION: Pup is a purebred border terrier, and one of the first places she'll get to know is Sumner beach.

Demolished house billed for energy

Power, electricity, power lines, power pole

Port Hills couple plagued with Contact Energy payments after calling to disconnect months before.

Barry, the King of Sumner

barry the cat

Maine coon cat Barry causes a stir in Sumner when he hits the beach in his harness and leash.

'Lack of detail' in port fast-track

lyttelton port

Govt's move to shave years off Lyttelton Port's $1b redevelopment wins support but consultation with residents wanted.

Port repairs sped up

Lyttelton Port

The Government has evoked its extraordinary quake powers to fast-track the recovery of quake-hit Lyttelton Port.

Mighty crane takes shape in Lyttelton

Lyttelton Port crane

A 23-storey-high crane is being built piece by piece at the Lyttelton Port.

Sumner jams to worsen

Causeway traffic

A key route for seaside commuters will be closed for up to six weeks while wastewater pipes are installed.

Tunnel grubby but sound: NZTA

Lyttelton tunnel

Press readers are concerned about the state of the Lyttelton Tunnel, but NZTA says it is structurally fine.

Port Hills rockfall still unresolved

Port Hillss

A decision on rockfall protection in the Port Hill has been deferred for a second time.

A 'simple, elegant' goodbye

Mum and daughter mourned by hundreds

Ella Summerfield and Sally Rumble

Sumner Primary School held its second funeral this week, a ''gorgeous'' farewell for the mother and daughter killed in a crash last month.

$1.4m kids' complex taking shape


Diamond Harbour's first early-childhood education centre will be an "environmentally conscious" $1.4 million complex.

Driver 'affected' by gas fumes

St John's Ambulance

Clifton digger driver treated by paramedics after potentially being exposed to leaked gas.

Love and lyrics for loving girl

Abi Hone's funeral

The words "love you" were written in bold, pink letters on posters hung around the hall.

Spot of Shakespeare?

Campaign to build amphitheatre in Lyttelton

Brian Rick

Brian Rick dreams of staging a Shakespeare festival at an open-air amphitheatre he is establishing in Lyttelton.

Red-tape frustration

Port Hillss

Seemingly-innocuous notices pinned to doors of "dangerous" buildings have swung million-dollar insurance claims.

When dark clouds never lift

Abi and Ella

Residents are doing their best to help two grief-stricken Sumner families get through the storm.

'Magnificent' view

Astronaut shares 'unique perspective'

Banks Peninsula

An astronaut orbiting the earth has shared his ''magnificent'' view of Canterbury's Banks Peninsula with the world. 

Precarious hilltop houses cleared

clifton hill

Some of Christchurch's more complex hilltop demolitions have been completed.

Lizards get the rock star treatment


The Christchurch City Council is working to protect native lizards on the Port Hills while mitigating rockfall risk.

Cera catalyst for bike project

Port Hills biking

Cera credited with driving forward a multimillion-dollar Port Hills mountainbike park.

Port Hills bike mecca

Chairlift and 120km of MTB downhill trails

Port Hills biking

A 120km downhill mountain biking park on the Port Hills is one of six tourism projects to get state funding.

Ruling a blow for hill residents

duncan webb strap

A ruling that some Port Hills properties may not have to be written off by insurers a"game-changer".

Council backs $10m Sumner centre


The CCC is likely to proceed with plans for a $10 million library and community centre in Sumner.

Cera refuses land for rockfall work

Lidia Belles and Andrew Abakhan

The use of red-zoned homes on the Port Hills may be key to dealing with the rockfall risk.

Rockfall report 'whitewash'

Mt Pleasant rockfall

Port Hills red-zoners are urging city councillors to reject a "whitewash" report dismissing area-wide rockfall protection.

Seabird rescued from attack

Mollymawk rescued on Sumner Beach

An exhausted mollymawk is lucky to be alive after seagulls nearly pecked it to death on Sumner Beach.

Rockfall barriers 'unaffordable'

Port Hillss

Port Hills residents battling to stay in their red-zoned homes are unlikely to get further council help.

Cliff-top demolition

Clifton Hill red zone demolitions begin

clifton hill demolition

A team consisting of Southern Response, Cera and Arrow International has begun demolishing red-zoned homes on the Port Hills.

Mobil to pay for cleanup

Lyttelton Harbour oil spill

The oil giant responsible for the Lyttelton fuel spill in March will reimburse the regional council for the "reasonable" and "significant" costs of cleaning up its mess.

Rock-blasting to clear port route

Sumner Rd closed

Fast-tracking consents to reopen Lyttelton-Sumner route will mean bypassing Environment Court.

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