Van hits Lyttelton house

04:25, May 23 2013
Lyttleton crash landscape
ACCIDENT: A van crashed into a Lyttelton house today.

A contractor's van rolled down a steep road and became airborne before crashing through the roof of a Lyttelton house this afternoon.

Kyle Zegermann had been "testing strops" and was putting his gear back into his van at the top of Ticehurst Tce when it began rolling backwards down the hill.

"I was in the back and it started rolling, and I just got out," he said.

Zegermann watched the van career down the narrow road, hit a car and turn it 180 degrees before heading straight for 26 Ticehurst Tce.

The van scraped a neighbour's ca, before it became airborne for "four or five metres" and landed on top of the house, which is below the road, embedding itself in the kitchen.

Greg Perano was in the bedroom, next to the kitchen, when the van collided with his house.


He said the bathroom was "completely gone", the kitchen was partly destroyed and there was a hole in the bedroom.

"As per Cantabrians, initially I thought it was an earthquake and then I thought this can't be an earthquake, then I looked out the window and saw the van," he said.

"But no-one was hurt and that's the main thing."  

Woolston fire station officer Ralph Moore said crews were called to the scene about 1.30pm, and they understood the van's handbrake had failed.

Moore said it was lucky the van had not done more damage.

"There's a lot more hill below. If it got some more speed up it could have done a lot more destruction. It's a huge missile out of control down the hill," he said.

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