1000 sign Scarborough pool petition

04:35, Jul 12 2013
Scarborough paddling pool
CAMPAIGN: Residents gather at Scarborough paddling pool.

Sumner residents rallied at the Scarborough paddling pool today to campaign for its survival.

The popular pool has been closed since the February 2011 quake, with inspectors finding big cracks in the pool tank and the underground pipework, and slumping in the concrete surround.

The Christchurch City Council planned to spend $50,000 demolishing the pool in coming months and grassing the area over, but there had been no decision on whether the facility would be rebuilt.

Today, a group of residents who did not want to lose the facility met at the Scarborough clocktower and marched to the pool to gain support for its rebuild.

Organiser Mette Kristiansen said it was a ''small but strong'' gathering.

''It went well. It was a a good afternoon,'' she said.


Supporters carried signs and tied balloons to the fences around the pool, while passers-by signed the group's petition against the demolition.

The petition has secured about 1000 signatures since it was launched on Monday.

''There was just people coming up all the time wanting to show messages of support,'' Kristiansen said.

The facility was a fixture in the area, and its rebuild would be a ''really positive boost to the morale of the community for our badly hit suburb''.

"It has provided a safe and welcoming environment for families over the years and has been much missed since the earthquakes," she said.

The demonstration took place ahead of the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board meeting next week, when the future of the facility was expected to be discussed.

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