Tyres litter scenic Canterbury spot

05:54, Jul 17 2013
Tyres at Rapaki Bay lookout
WHAT A MESS: Christchurch Tours operator Robin McCarthy estimates that 60 tyres have been dumped at a popular lookout just outside Rapaki Bay.

A busload of tourists pulled up at a Canterbury lookout yesterday, only to find the area had been littered with dozens of tyres.

Christchurch Tours operator Robin McCarthy was taking a tour around Governors Bay Rd when he stopped at a popular lookout just outside Rapaki Bay.

''We all piled out expecting to look at the lovely view, but when we looked over the edge we saw the area had been covered in tyres,'' he said.

''It looked like a professional dumping ground.''

McCarthy estimated that 60 tyres had been dumped down the hill.

''There could have been more because some of them had rolled a long way down into the bushes.''


The tourists were ''not impressed'' with the sight, he said.

''It's not a good look when we promote ourselves as a clean, green country and then there is rubbish everywhere.''

McCarthy believed someone had dumped the tyres because they did not want to pay to dispose of them properly.

''It's terrible for the environment. Tyres take a long time to decompose and can really have an adverse effect,'' he said.

''It's awfully irresponsible that someone just dumped them.''

McCarthy said he had contacted Environment Canterbury and the Christchurch City Council about the tyres.

He said ''a little bit of detective work'' could solve who dumped the tyres.

''Judging by the grass, they had been dumped over the last day or so,'' he said.

''If the police wanted to look at security cameras and fingerprints, we could find out who did this. There can't be that many people with this many tyres and the equipment to dump them.''

A city council spokesman said the council would look into the incident.

"We will address this straight away and get it cleaned up. It looks from the photo as if someone has just dumped those there on purpose which is very serious. We want to find out who is responsible."

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