Historic St Saviour's chapel granted $143k

02:28, Jul 25 2013
St Saviour's Chapel
HERITAGE: St Saviour's Chapel pictured on its former West Lyttelton site in about 1975.

An 1885 chapel has taken one step closer to being returned to Lyttelton.

St Saviour's Chapel has been given a Christchurch City Council heritage incentive grant of $143,431 today.
The grant will help pay for the chapel's move from the grounds of Cathedral Grammar School, on the corner of Park Terrace and Chester St West to Lyttelton.

Last year the school decided it was no longer large enough for its needs, prompting the Anglican Chapel Property Trust to plan its return it to Lyttelton on the site of the former Holy Trinity Chapel in Winchester St.

The Holy Trinity Chapel was significantly damaged in the September and February earthquakes and collapsed as a result of the earthquake on June 13, 2012.
The grant will help cover the cost of deconstruction, transport to Lyttelton, establishment on the new site including new foundations, restoring the porch from the Holy Trinity Chapel, restoration and incorporation of stained glass, and repair and reinstatement of the reredos (an ornamental screen).

St Saviour's Chapel is listed by the Historic Places Trust as a category 2 heritage building. It was designed by Christchurch architect Cyril Mountfort, son of Benjamin Mountfort, and used by Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott for worship.


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