Proposed pool 'not big enough'

21:56, Jan 07 2014
Scarborough pool
POOL PLAN: An artist’s impression of the new paddling pool at Scarborough, which features a splash pad and water toys.

A concept plan for the new paddling pool at Scarborough has sparked concerns that the Christchurch City Council is going to spend up to $780,000 on a pool only half the size of the original.

Sumner mum Mette Kristiansen, who has been running a campaign on Facebook to get a new pool at Scarborough as soon as possible, said she had studied the design concept plan that was released before Christmas and was concerned by the size of the proposed pool.

It appeared to be only about half the size of the original, although it did also have a splash pad combined with water toys.

"A lot of people might look at the plan and go 'wow, that looks amazing' but when you look closely at the actual pool area it will be quite considerably smaller.

"I don't think it has been communicated clearly that the new pool is going to be much smaller than what used to be there," Kristiansen said.

With the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board due to make the final decision on the design of the pool early this year, Kristiansen said it was important that people made their views on the proposed size of the pool known.


"The council will probably say they don't have the money for a bigger pool . . . but I'm worried it's just too small," Kristiansen said.

The original pool was badly damaged in the February 2011 earthquake and was demolished in July last year.

It is planned to have the new pool open by next summer.

Council recreation and sports unit manager John Filsell said yesterday the replacement aquatic facility the council was proposing to build was approximately the same size as the old paddling pool.

The concept design produced by RMBH Architects was not the final design, but a concept drawing.

"The concept for the new facility combines a pool and splash pad with additional aquatic play features.

"The size of the old paddling pool is approximately the same area as the new combination paddling pool and splash pad," Filsell said.

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