Scarborough Pool work begins soon

04:05, Feb 12 2014
Scarborough pool
POOL PLAN: An artist’s impression of the new paddling pool at Scarborough, which features a splash pad and water toys.

Work will begin shortly on a new water playground in Scarborough for young children.

The Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board have signed off plans for the new water playground, which will replace the old paddling pool that was badly damaged in the February 2011 quake.

Community board chairwoman Sara Templeton said the design reflected the community's desire for a facility where pre-schoolers could have fun with water in a variety of ways.

''We've had some really good community consultation and feedback on the project. The pool and wet deck combination is exciting and we're looking forward to seeing the city's children having fun there next summer," she said.

The new water playground will be fully accessible to people with disabilities and will link to the nearby playground. It will include:

- A paddling pool and wet deck with shade sails


- Water toys such as water arch jets, geysers, sprays, fountains and tubes, some with buttons and pumps

- Shaded and sheltered seating with planters

Cr Yani Johanson, chairman of the council's community committee, said it was good to see progress on another key community project.

"The water playground will be a fantastic facility that adds to the attractiveness of Sumner as a fun place for families to enjoy,'' said Johanson.

Because of the facility's importance to the community, the council had delegated to the community board the authority to sign-off the final design so tendering for construction could proceed without delay.

''This is a good example of the new Council's desire to give Community Boards greater involvement and responsibility to get on and get things done,'' Johanson said.

The water playground is expected to cost around $780,000.

The final design was chosen after community consultation and despite some concern the final pool was smaller than the original.

Sumner mum Mette Kristiansen, who has run a community-led campaign to get a replacement pool at Scarborough, said she was happy with the design for the new water playground.

She had initially been concerned about the size of the new pool as it was smaller than the original, but the new facility would actually be slightly bigger than the old one.

''It all looks good,'' Kristiansen said.

''It's really exciting to think it may well be ready and up and running by November. 

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