Boat explosion in Rakaia Gorge

00:05, Feb 12 2014

A man was "very fortunate" to escape with only minor injuries after an explosion on a jet boat this morning.

A St John spokesman said a call came about 9am regarding an explosion near the Rakaia Gorge Bridge in which the 58-year-old man was injured.

Methven Volunteer Fire Brigade station officer Andrew Leask said it appeared the explosion had been caused by gas vapours.

The man was thrown from the boat and suffered minor burns to his legs.

A nearby boatie managed to put the fire out with a dry powder fire extinguisher. Leask said the fire was already out when firefighters arrived.

Leask said explosions caused by gas vapours were "not uncommon" and the man was "very fortunate" to have only minor injuries.


The boat was extensively damaged, Leask said. 

The man was transported to a medical centre.


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