Giant catch for trawler crew

Last updated 22:59 08/05/2008
BIG: skipper Dale Robertson, left, Scott Pedofsky, Christopher Ander son and Morgan Whiteman with the giant squid.

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A Lyttelton trawler crew has hauled up a huge surprise off Banks Peninsula -- a 6m Giant Squid.

Skipper Dale Robertson, 44, has been fishing the area for 25 years, but has never caught such a beast.

"It is one of those things that people never see. It's a once in a lifetime thing for us and probably for everyone who fishes around here. You hear about it on TV but when you actually see it, it is really something.

"Imagine what the beak on this one must have been like."

The squid's head came off when it was caught in the net, but its 2m body and 4m tentacles were intact.

The trawler, Austro Carina, was fishing 40km off Hickory Bay when it hauled in the reeking creature.

Robertson said the vessel was trawling at a depth of 112 metres when it snared the sea beast.

Despite its size, Robertson said the squid had no commercial value.

"It's more of a curiosity than anything. I suppose I could cut it up and my daughter could use it as a sleeping bag," he said.

Last week, scientists at Te Papa in Wellington recorded the biggest eyes discovered on a 10m Colossal Squid.

Robertson said Te Papa had been contacted about the latest catch, but did not have room for a Giant Squid.


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