More Burnside sex charges laid

00:07, Jun 21 2013

Two new charges of sexually exploiting young people have been laid against a man who allegedly got schoolgirls to expose themselves for drugs.

Kevan Beria Greer also faces three more charges of supplying drugs, a week after his remand on charges of supplying drugs outside Burnside High School.

Defence counsel Kirsten Grey told the Christchurch District Court today that she needed a further remand for Greer for two weeks to go through the police facts.

Police allege that Greer, 45, sold drugs outside the school, and was found with drugs and cash.

Police say they found a digital camera with images of girls on it, and that Greer allegedly got the schoolgirls to expose their breasts and bodies to him in exchange for drugs.

He now faces seven charges of selling or possessing drugs for supply and two charges of sexual exploitation of two girls under the age of 18.

Since his District Court remand in custody last week, Greer has had a bail appeal heard in the High Court and has been released.

Judge Raoul Neave today remanded him to appear in the District Court again on July 8.


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