Angry drunks threw rocks at Riccarton party

04:11, Nov 19 2013

A quiet night in with ''music, rugby and mates'' in Upper Riccarton turned into an out-of-control party in which strangers stole knives and food.

A teenage girl, who would not be named, said she and her male flatmate decide to have a reasonably quiet night in with friends in Peer St on Saturday night.

The plan was to have ''a few drinks'' and watch the All Blacks play England. They set up the lounge suite in front of the TV in preparation.

''We invited 20 people over to have quiet drinks,'' she said.

''Next thing we know we're getting people coming into our house through every single door we know of.''

Twenty soon became 150. ''The house was basically full.''


The girl said she asked her friends if they knew how news of the party had spread.

''They were kind of giving me that sly smile,'' she said.

She found a few ''Peer St party'' status updates on Facebook later on. ''I'm not complaining. I made heaps of friends out of it,'' she said.

But wind the clock back to Saturday. And it wasn't all good. The girl said ''angry drunks'' threw rocks, fireworks and glass bottles. And there were brawls on the street.

''It was completely out of control. I didn't know anyone.''

Strangers stole food. They pillaged the fridge and raided the cupboards. A friend's iPhone was stolen from her hand while she was texting.

''Our kitchen knife block with all our knives in it got taken plus our meat cleaver and massive boning knife.''

A police spokesman said police first visited the party about 11.30pm after receiving calls from neighbours.

There were about 150 people at the address and fights broke out between 40 or 50 of them in the middle of Peer St at midnight, he said.

''A police public order team of around 20 staff was deployed shortly after.''

They had riot shields and batons, ''but batons were not drawn''.

Party-goers were dispersed along neighbouring streets towards Riccarton Rd, but not before throwing glass bottles, lit fireworks and ''other objects'' at police.

''Around five arrests were made were made for disorder offences. No police were injured and we are not aware of any injuries to any other people.

Police were very concerned at the level of disorder and the risks to people and property from the broken glass and the letting off of fireworks.''

The girl said she and her friends tried to clean up a lot of the broken glass left behind before their neighbours got up on Sunday morning.

''We had to apologise,'' she said.

''They asked when we were moving out.''

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