Teen bashed and robbed

01:34, Jan 21 2014
BP garage Edgeware
SUSPECTS: Police are looking for information regarding the identity of suspected burglars travelling in the silver sedan at the right of the image.

An unlucky Christchurch man lost his cellphone, wallet and his butter chicken pie after he was beaten and robbed in Edgeware.

Police said the 19-year-old had been drinking in the central city when he hitched a ride with four strangers in a silver Nissan - either a Skyline or a Laurel.

Police said the car stopped at BP in Edgeware, where the teenager bought a pie and a kebab before crossing Cranford St early on Saturday.

Two people from the car ran after him, attacked him from behind and robbed him of his cellphone and wallet, police said.

He suffered grazes to his face and elbows, while his pie ended up smeared across the footpath.

Anyone with information was asked to phone police or Crimestoppers.


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