Pool grapples with poo in the water

A council-owned swimming pool is grappling with an "unusual number of closures" due to undesirable floaties in the water.

Christchurch City Council has emailed customers apologising for a run of ''unscheduled'' pool closures at the Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre in Papanui.

It is asking parents for help in reducing the number of closures by making sure their "children have been to the toilet before they enter the pool''.

"Please also remind your children to let you or their tutor know if they need to go to the toilet while they are swimming; it's OK to leave a lesson to go to the toilet."

The council said most unexpected pool closures were due to "faecal or vomit incidents" and closure was necessary to allow proper disinfection.

''Each time we have to close a pool, up to 300 customers are affected. Depending on the severity of the incident, the pool water generally needs to pass through the water filtration system three times. This is to make sure we meet national water quality guidelines at all times. The bigger the pool the longer it takes.''

The main pool at the Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre takes eight hours to disinfect. The teaching pool takes four hours, and the toddler pool takes 1.5 hours.

The Press