Hunt on for good samaritan

04:25, Mar 03 2014
Tessa Rait
WANTS TO SAY THANK YOU: Tessa Rait is looking for the good samaritan who looked after her when she fell and cut the tendons in her hand.

A Christchurch woman is searching for her mystery good samaritan, but she doesn't know her name or even whether she lives in Christchurch.

It was an ordinary Wednesday when Tessa Rait, on her way home from work, stopped to pick up a bottle of wine.

Outside a Normans Rd bottle store, she rolled her ankle and fell - landing on the bottle which shattered and ripped into her hand.

''It was such a freak thing to do. The stupid thing was I hadn't even touched a drop,'' she said.

''I was kind of in shock because nothing like that had ever happened to me before.''

A fellow customer, who happened to be an off-duty nurse, came to Rait's aid, bundling her hand up and taking her to a nearby doctor's clinic for attention.


Rait was later taken to hospital where she had surgery to repair two severed tendons and damaged nerves and arteries.

She has been back at work part-time as a finance analyst, but has another two weeks before her splint comes off and she will have free use of her hand again.

She does not know who the woman was who looked after her, and wants a chance to thank her properly.

''It's been playing on my mind that I didn't know who this woman was.

''It just kind of touched me how kind she was to a stranger,'' Rait said.

''It might not have seemed like much to her, but to me it was massive.

''I really just want to find her and say thank you. I'd really just like to buy her a coffee or something. Just a proper opportunity to say thank you.''

Rait remembers the woman as being blonde and in her late 30s or early 40s. She possibly lives in the area, since she immediately knew where the doctor's clinic was.

Rait's accident was about 5pm on January 29 outside the bottle store on Normans and Strowan roads.

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