'Water bubbled up through the floorboards'

23:59, Mar 09 2014
Carrick St woman and dog
WHERE TO START: A resident surveys the receding waters in Carrick St.
The Thompson family
THOMPSON FAMILY: Kristal, Justin and their kids Tyler, 6, Ty, 4, and Paige, 10, at their Carrick St home, flooded for a third time.
Newport St resident Sarah Roberston
NEWPORT ST: Sarah Roberston tosses away her son's dirty nappies, found floating down the street.
Antoinette McCutcheon cleans up after flood
RAKING UP DEBRIS: Antoinette McCutcheon cleans up outside her St Albans home after yesterday's flood.
Kelly Rush in Carrick Street
KELLY RUSH: "I woke up at 2am to water going through our sleep-out."
Clean up after flooding in Christchurch. Dan Parkes removing sodden carpet from a Francis Ave home.
Abbey Cox of Transform Me hair salon in the Warrington Road cleaning up after flooding in Christchurch.
Post Flooding in Christchurch, Carrick Street in Saint Albans. Damaged carpets awaiting dumping.
Post Flooding in Christchurch, Carrick Street in Saint Albans. James Adams cleaning up his drive.
Student Volunteer Army is out in clean up mode again after the weeks flooding. Heathcote Valley residents are benefiting from the Army's resources with mud removal. Students from Heathcote Valley School are also helping.
Student Volunteer Army is out in clean up mode again after the weeks flooding. Heathcote Valley residents are benefiting from the Army's resources with mud removal. Canterbury University student Hannah Livingstone is on wheelbarrow duty.

Carrick St homeowner Kelly Rush woke up at 2am to find water going through the sleep-out of his home in Mairehau. 

Rush and his wife have lived in the street for 10 years. 

It has flooded before, inundating their garage and yard, but never their house - until yesterday.

Christchurch flooding
FLOODED STREETS: An aerial photograph of the Heathcote River flooding Opawa. The Brougham Street bridge can be seen to the left, with Opawa Road running down the middle. Clarendon Tce and Aynsley Tce, which run along the river, are both submerged.
Christchurch flooding
OPAWA UNDER WATER: The Heathcote River burst its banks flooding houses on Fifield and Riverlaw Tce in Opawa.
Christchurch flooding gallery
MUDDY RIVER: Riverside properties in Opawa bore the brunt of the flooding. Opawa Road Bridge is the patch of road that can be seen. Clarendon and Aynsley Tce are submerged by the Heathcote River.
Christchurch flooding gallery
MAKING WAVES: Sodden ground and flooded roads made for treacherous driving conditions on Tunnel Road in Heathcote.
Christchurch flooding gallery
NEW BRIGHTON: From on high, the extent of the flood waters was clear. The Avon River spilled on to New Brighton Road, which runs alongside it, and Locksley Ave in the lower right of the picture.
Aerial pic Opawa flooding
SWAMPED: The Heathcote River floods Opawa. The Beckford Road bridge is visible at the top of the photograph. Fifield Tce and Riverlaw Tce run alongside either side of the river.
Avondale New Brighton aerial flooding pic
FLOODING IN THE EAST: Avondale Road bridge is visible to the lower left in the picture. A section of New Brighton Road on the right was not flooded.
Heathcote warehouses flooded aerial
HEATHCOTE FLOODING: Warehouses in Heathcote's industrial area are surrounded by flood waters.
Heathcote Valley flooding aerial
VALLEY FLOODING: Heathcote Valley was badly hit by the flooding. Port Hills Road is at the top right of the photograph, with Martindales Road at the top left.
Dallington flooded aerial
DALLINGTON DAMAGE: Locksley Ave and New Brighton Rd under water from the Avon River in the foreground.
Dallington intersection under water aerial
ROAD BECOMES RIVER: The intersection of New Brighton Road and Locksley Ave under water.

"We woke up at 2am to water going through our sleep-out," said Rush.

The couple quickly moved into a bedroom in their house, which is undergoing repairs.

"At 8am water was bubbling up through the floorboards."


This morning, Rush and his builder - his friend Bryan Dempster - were in clean-up mode.

"We got carpet put in [the sleep-out] two weeks ago - just before we moved in, and now the carpet is wrecked."

Dempster said the building site - a shell of a house - was "just full of water".

"The ground is sodden. It has basically put us on hold now, until we can come up with a solution to the problem," he said.

Dempster said the ground level of the entire Flockton Basin needed to "come up", after dropping in the earthquakes.

"It is not rocket science. We have been arguing this for three years now with various departments. It goes back to [the Earthquake Commission] and their responsibility under statute - to remediate land damage."

Rush said water swamped boxes of clothing, linen, photographs and other personal possessions they had stored in their sleep-out.

"My wife is pretty stressed about it, but what can you do? Our lives are on hold. For three years our lives have been on hold. And how long is it going to take now?"

This morning city councillors met with Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee to consider whether flood protection work in the Flockton basin could be fast-tracked with a private members bill.

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