Shopper not stressed

19:58, Mar 08 2012
Louise Mason

SHOPPERS IN Leeston and Southbridge are not going to let the naming of buildings in the Selwyn towns as earthquake- prone stop them going into their favourite stores.


The towns have had 14 buildings between them, including shops, named on the earthquake-prone buildings list made public by the Selwyn District Council last week. This means they must have engineers' reports done to determine their structural integrity.


For Southbridge's Louise Mason, who regularly shops in Leeston, she would not stop shopping in any retail outlet named. "If they were going to fall over they would have already. I am not saying they couldn't of course."



She thought the buildings had withstood a lot already which meant they could take the shakes.

"If they were that bad they would have a red sticker on the door to say keep out. It is business as usual for me. I am not worried at all."


For Shirley Carroll, another Southbridge resident, the list made her more wary but would not stop her patronage.

"I have been in and out of the businesses since I found out about it." She saw the reports as a positive step as it would dispel fears if the buildings came out with good reports.

Leeston's Rachael Coe said she would not stopping.

"They (the buildings) have not fallen down yet. I have been into all of them since the list was made public."


Dunsandel's John Russell, who was shopping in Leeston, said the list would not affect his actions in Leeston or Dunsandel, which had had two businesses named.


"There were be a note on the door if they were unsafe - then I wouldn't go in."

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