Woolston School

22:37, May 28 2013
Woolston School
Woolston School has had a $1.3 million building upgrade.

Woolston School

Address: 476 Ferry Rd, Woolston, Christchurch

Website: woolston.school.nz

School roll: 300

Teachers: 18

Support staff: 13


Building damage: All 17 buildings have earthquake damage from minor cracking to relevelling of floors. Four require strengthening.

Cost: $1.7 million

Land status: Surrounding land is a combination of technical category 2 and 3. Geotechnical considerations are likely to be a factor when undertaking development at this site. Significant foundation engineering is likely to be required.

The ministry's plan: Merge with Phillipstown Primary on an alternative site.

Rationale for change: ''Phillipstown and Woolston both have reasonably small rolls and significant earthquake and other property-related costs that need to be addressed. Both schools have small sites and are situated in an area where there is an over-supply of primary school places.''

Read the ministry's rationale for change.

Principal: Janeane Reid

Their submission:

The ministry has proposed that Woolston School merge with Phillipstown School on an alternative site.
Woolston's board does not support the proposed merger.

Woolston's bilingual unit was rapidly expanding and ''is expected a fourth  kaiako will be appointed in early 2013''.

The school  would like to expand its reach to other sectors, including an education hub, bilingual unit, Pasifika unit, teen parent unit and early-childhood education centre.

The school had undergone positive structural changes from 2008 to 2011 that had contributed to a significant role increase.

''In the period from March 2011 to the present, the school's role has increased by more than 30 per cent,'' it says.

It is forecast ''the roll will reach 300 by mid-2013, with 350 pupils likely to be enrolled at the school by late 2013''.

The board believes that the Woolston School site can accommodate double the current number of pupils.

Based on Woolston's past successes and future potential, ''the board of trustees respectfully requests the minister of education considers closing Bamford and Phillipstown schools, resulting in Woolston School growing to 500 to 600 students''.

''In brief, Woolston School should remain and grow on its present site,'' it says.

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