Linwood Avenue School

Linwood Avenue School has not suffered quake damage to all its buildings.
Linwood Avenue School has not suffered quake damage to all its buildings.

Linwood Avenue School

Address: 260 Linwood Ave, Linwood, Christchurch


School type: Contributing (Year 1-6), decile 2

Roll change (from 2008 to July 2012): 310 to 253

Building damage: All 23 of the school's buildings had some earthquake damage, and eight will need strengthening work. Three buildings also require weathertightness repairs and one needs both.

Cost: $1.6 million

Land status: Surrounding land is predominantly Cera technical category 2.

The ministry's plan: Merge with Bromley Primary, on Bromley's site.

Rationale for change: The ministry says there is spare capacity for primary education within the Linwood cluster, and given the significant level of investment needed to repair and strengthen the existing schools, there is an opportunity to enhance the quality of the infrastructure.

Read the ministry's rationale for change.

Principal: Gerard Direen

Gerard Direen said he did not understand the proposal for the school as its roll was more than 300 and was continuing to grow. The ministry's treatment of schools in Christchurch was ''not OK, not by a long-shot''.

''The school communities of Christchurch need to be treated with greater care and greater respect.''

Their submission:

Almost 100 per cent of Linwood Avenue School parents oppose merging on Bromley School's site.

Instead, the Linwood Avenue has proposed to extend to a full primary school, providing education through to year 8, and working with the Christchurch City Council to address the immediate needs of the community.

It says the ministry's rationale for change, that the population in the area has fallen, is incorrect because Linwood Avenue's roll has grown by 30 per cent since the February 2011 earthquake.

Consultation with parents and the wider community revealed 99 per cent opposed the merger.

However, 90 per cent supported extending the school to year 8.

''Linwood is designated as a key activity centre in the Urban Development Strategy, with projection for intensified growth over the next two decades,'' the school submitted.

''The Christchurch City Council has identified the need for an increased level of community resources in Christchurch's eastern suburbs.''

The school has mooted a community library to replace the closed Linwood Library, a garden project and to extend technology into a purpose-built facility open to all schools in the area.

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