Linwood Intermediate School

22:01, May 28 2013
Linwood Intermediate School
PROPOSAL: Linwood Intermediate School may close under the Government's schools plan.

Linwood Intermediate School

Address: 7 Mclean St, Linwood, Christchurch


School type: Intermediate (Year 7-8), decile 2

Roll: 135

Teachers: 12


Support staff: 5

Building damage: All 10 of the school's buildings had some earthquake damage, and four will need strengthening work.

Cost: $3.2 million

Land status: Surrounding land is predominantly Cera technical category 3.

The ministry's plan: Close

Rationale for change: The ministry says there is spare capacity for primary education within the Linwood cluster, and given the significant level of investment needed to repair and strengthen the existing schools, there is an opportunity to enhance the quality of the infrastructure.

Read the ministry's rationale for change.

Principal: Lee Walker

Lee Walker said parents were ''very concerned'' at the proposal to close.

''They don't like what's being proposed.''

He believed the plan was ''based purely on finances'' and failed to look at how education could be improved for pupils, particularly for Maori and Pacific Island children.

Their submission:

Linwood Intermediate has plans to expand to year 9 and build on collaborations with local bodies to remain open.

The school submitted that the proposal to close it was a ''blow to an already struggling community'' and would leave the eastern suburbs with ''no middle school option''.

However, expanding the year 7 and 8 school by another year group would mean Linwood was small enough to continue positive teacher-pupil relationships and help the many pupils who arrive ''well below'' national avarages for achievement, but large enough to offer more extra-cirricular activities.

Linwood is also looking to develop more specialist teaching programmes in science, technology and arts and to build on Maori and Samoan language.

Collaboration with the city council and the Canterbury District Health Board is also in the works to provide a ''one-stop shop'' for family and community needs.

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