Richmond School

22:08, May 28 2013
Richmond School
RICHMOND: The Education Ministry has proposed closing the school.

Richmond School

Address: Pavitt St, North Avon, Christchurch


School type: Contributing (Year 1-6), decile 2

School roll: 31

Teachers: 4


Support staff: 2

Earthquake damage: All seven buildings have earthquake damage, with three requiring quake strengthening.

Cost: $900,000.

Land status: Surrounding land is a mixture of technical category 2 and 3. Significant foundation engineering is likely to be required.

Principal:  Jacqualene Maindonald

The ministry's plan: Close

Rationale for closure: Richmond is the least used school, operating at 19 per cent capacity. Widespread residental property damage and the school's proximity to the red zone make it  difficult to justify investment to bring the school up to modern learning standards.

Read the ministry's rationale for change.

Principal: Jacqualene Maindonald said: ''We dont agree with what the ministry propose to do and we've got a facilitator doing a submission on our behalf. We believe a small school is best because we can cater to our pupils' needs.''

Their submission: 

The ministry has proposed the closure of Richmond School.

The board of trustees believes that it is in the best interests of Richmond  pupils, parents and the wider community that the school be retained.

It says:
- Richmond School is a heritage site and institution that has been in the community for 137 years. 
- The roll is forecast to increase. There are  493 properties vacant and available for repair or occupation within the school's zone, and the Christchurch City Council is undertaking a new housing project within the zone.
- There is growing confidence in Richmond School.

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