Windsor School

22:15, May 28 2013
Windsor School
PLAN: Windsor School may merge with Burwood Primary.

Windsor School

Address: 170 Burwood Rd, Burwood, Christchurch


School type: Contributing (Year 1-6), decile 9

School roll: 571


Teachers: 35

Support staff: 27

Earthquake damage: All 17 buildings have earthquake damage, with three requiring quake strengthening.

Cost: $6.5 million

Land status: The surrounding land is a combination of technical category 2 and TC3. Geotechnical considerations were unlikely to be a factor if the site was developed, but further investigation was required.

The ministry's plan: Merge with Burwood Primary on Windor's site. Recapitate to Year 1-8.

Rationale for change: Burwood School is on the edge of the red zone in some of the worst quake-affected areas in Christchurch, and as a result the roll has dropped dramatically.

Windsor School is the closest school for it to merge with and is seen as the most cost-effective option.

Read the full reason here.

Principal: Neill O'Reilly said the board of trustees was working with the information it had.

''I think the rationale-for-change document speaks for itself, and we're working with that.''

Their submission:

The ministry proposes to merge Windsor School and Burwood School as a new school at the Windsor site.

However, ''while our community accepts that the continuation of two schools in our area is not viable, almost 100 per cent of those consulted have rejected the proposal to merge'', Windsor says.

The community proposes:

- ''That Windsor School continues as is with its current board of trustees, leadership and staff.''
- ''That if the minister determines Burwood School needs to close, Windsor's enrolment zone is extended to include the current Burwood home zone and that Burwood's children and families are welcomed into the Windsor community.''
- ''That if the minister determines Chisnallwood Intermediate needs to close, Windsor becomes a full years 1 to 8 primary school.''

Windsor School is the largest years 1 to 6 school in Canterbury with an opening roll this year at 570, which is the highest in four years.

The roll is projected to grow to a minimum of 670 next year.

''Windsor is a successful and high-performing school recognised for its innovation, expertise in pedagogy and for leading curriculum design,'' the school says.

Merging the two schools would dismantle Windsor's qualities and might put pupil achievement at risk.

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