Pupils want iPads and beanbags

18:08, Dec 09 2012

IPads and beanbags feature high on Christchurch pupils' wishlists for modern classrooms.

The Ministry of Education held design forums last month with pupils, teachers and the wider community about what they envisage for modern schools.

New schools will be built in the city and some schools will be rebuilt as part of ministry proposals to close 13 schools and put 26 through some form of merger.

The ministry said, in a handout accompanying the forums, schools "no longer have to be a collection of classrooms positioned in rows".

"Specialist equipment within a school can be shared by all, and with the wider community. Whole walls can be a whiteboard, or all whiteboards can be movable. Everything can be designed with learners in mind, and . . . at their eye level."

Primary pupils who sent drawings to the ministry leaned towards beanbags and cushions scattered in corners in their future classrooms designs. Most wanted iPads in the classroom but not desktop computers. Some pupils even put in a "time-out" corner.

Work and ideas from the forums will be given to architects, who will translate the ideas into design and present concepts to Christchurch early next year.

The Ministry of Education will select designs and ideas to be enlarged and framed as art and taken to those presentations.


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