Novopay issues: Chch teacher paid $8 an hour

20:48, Feb 05 2013

Principals have already written cheques for teachers not paid by the ailing Novopay system yesterday.

Thousands of staff across the country faced more pay issues yesterday, as the $29 million Novopay system went through its first pay cycle of the academic year.

Beaconsfield School principal Wayne Facer wrote four cheques totalling $2000 yesterday to help staff whose pay had been ''mucked up''.

Two support staff were not paid at all and one was partially paid. One part-time teacher was not paid at all and one teacher was partially paid.

''We have had most staff not be paid their unit allocations since the pay period [before Christmas] and it is still not fixed,'' Facer said.

''My fear is that Novopay is going to be an ongoing money pit of bureaucratical costs at the taxpayers expense.''


From his home in Timaru, Facer has built up a database of schools across the country that have problems with Novopay.

Last night principals throughout New Zealand contacted him, reporting similar problems with staff not being paid correctly.

One Christchurch teacher was paid just $8 an hour. Minimum wage is $13.50 an hour.

Ministry of Education staff will work today to provide urgent assistance for teachers not paid by Novopay.

The ministry has also made arrangements with banks to authorise payments that have not been made by the system, that has been beset with problems since it was launched in August.

Ministry group manager Rebecca Elvy said the first pay after school resumed for the year was always going to be challenging.

''While this is always a challenging time, we are expecting more issues this year because of the new Novopay system,'' she said.

''We've been working hard with Talent2 to address problems schools have alerted us to with this payroll, but that won't have picked up every issue.

''We know that the recent months have been frustrating and difficult for school payroll administrators and school staff, and I want to thank them for their perseverance as we work through these issues.''

Any staff member who is not paid or is significantly underpaid should contact the pay administrator at their school or the ministry, who will contact their bank directly and arrange a payment into their account.

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