Kendal, Linwood angry at closure

02:50, Feb 18 2013
Kendal School bike track
ALL AGES: Learners and experienced juniors are all encouraged to have a go.

Kendal School principal Keith Turner was disappointed to hear that the school would still close as planned.

''We're pretty gutted about the whole thing...we felt we'd put a pretty strong case for us continuing.''

Turner said the biggest shock was hearing that Kendal School would now have to close by the end of the year, rather than by 2016.

Linwood Intermediate School
PROPOSAL: Linwood Intermediate School to close under the Government's schools plan.

He had been advising parents of pupils to wait until they had more information about how school transfers would take place before moving to another school.

Turner said the school would review the documents provided to it before deciding whether to appeal the decision.

Linwood Intermediate principal Lee Walker said he was angry with both the decision to close the school and bring the closure forward to the end of the year.


''We worked to their timeline and said we'd be guaranteed two years to take new pupils we've made promises we can't deliver.''

Walker said staff had worked in difficult conditions since the city's earthquakes, while pupils would also suffer from the instability caused by the closure.

"We butt onto the red zone, so we've had kids leaving their broken houses in the morning, making their way through all the roadworks to get here, and they're still living a constant reminder.

At a time when they thought they could have some certainty, that's no longer there for them.''

The school's board of trustees would meet this week to discuss what to do next, he said.

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