Super-school out of favour with some

19:19, May 23 2013

Some Aranui Primary School parents are already planning to pull their children from the school when it merges into the new "super-school" set for the suburb in 2017.

The school, along with Aranui High, and Wainoni and Avondale primary schools, will close at the end of 2016 to form a years 1-13 school on the Aranui High grounds.

"To put it bluntly, it sucks," parent Jeannie Hider said.

"I came here when I was a child in 1978. It's a generation thing. Now, of course, my children won't be able to follow it."

She felt the change would be "very unsettling" for the children.

"They've already been through a lot on this side of town and don't need more."


Hider believed it would be hard for the children having such a wide range of ages in one school.

She said the announcement left parents with big decisions to make.

Cherianne Herritt believed combining the schools would lead to struggling students slipping between the cracks in the large classes.

"I think the level of education for the kids is going to drop back because there's going to be too many kids in one school.

"They get bugger-all one on one time as it is. How are they going to spread that one-on-one time out when they've got over 60 kids in the class?

"I will pull my kids out."

Robyn Niven, whose granddaughter attends Aranui School, thought the super-school would provide more opportunities for students with the new facilities and up-to-date equipment.

She said her 9-year-old granddaughter did not seem affected by the announcement.

"I just think it goes over their heads. It's not a big deal for them."

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