Man wraps car around lamp post

02:48, Jul 09 2014
Crash in Basingstoke Street, Aranui
CRASH SCENE: A man is in intensive care after an accident in Basingstoke Street, Aranui.

A man is in a critical condition at Christchurch Hospital's intensive care unit after a collision, which left the car wrapped around a power pole.

The crash took place at about 3.40am on Saturday in Basingstoke St of Aranui.

The car was wrapped around the lamp post and a tow truck was needed to remove it, a Basingstoke St resident said.

''The engine revs were screaming so loud, it sounded like a motor was going to explode,'' the resident said.''Then I heard the skidding of tyres and a massive impact.''

After racing outside, he rang an ambulance when he found the man unconscious, he said.

The man, aged in his early 20s, was taken to Christchurch Hospital's emergency department.


"His friends came out and screamed at him that he was an idiot and that he had stuffed his car.

"I said to them, mate, he may pay for it with more than his car, he may pay for it with his life,'' the resident said.

There had been four crashes along the same street in the last 12 months, he said.

"The street is covered in drift marks and wheelie marks from one end to the other."

Three houses at the end of street had replaced their fences after cars had crashed into them.

''They get up to 160km - even in broad daylight.

"I really think speed bumps need to be prioritised,'' he said.

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