Council wastewater-tanks dispute ends

18:54, Jun 19 2013

A Christchurch man has withdrawn an injunction against the city council over plans to install underground wastewater tanks on residential properties.

Richmond resident Andrew Bailey was seeking a halt to the Christchurch City Council's rollout of a new low-pressure wastewater system to almost 6000 city properties considered at high risk of liquefaction.

The system would have underground tanks installed on the properties, but some residents were worried they could hurt property values, emit nasty odours, and be costly to run.

Bailey's lawyer, Richard Maze, said yesterday the court made an order with terms both parties agreed to and the injunction application had been withdrawn.

The order included stopping the installation on properties where the owners have or will lodge objections. The council would continue the rollout on all other properties.

If it could not obtain the property owners' consent to install the tanks, they would have to make their own provisions for sewage disposal.


The new system would replace the gravity system traditionally used.

Underground wastewater tanks are being gradually rolled out in parts of Parklands, Aranui, Shirley, Woolston, Hoon Hay, Halswell, Southshore, and Richmond at a cost of $82 million.

An application for a judicial review of the council's decision to introduce new technology will proceed.

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