Chch East candidate: David Moorhouse

17:58, Nov 15 2013
Chch east by election Green party candidate David Moorhouse and his wife Letitia,

A bold protest during his formative school years was David Moorhouse's first taste of politics, and now he is vying to win a seat in parliament.

Born at Burwood Hospital, he went to school in New Brighton, joined the Scouts movement there then later attended St Bede's College.

The middle of five children, his father was a pharmacist and his mother a teacher.

Moorhouse often boasts of his strong links in the east and still has family in the electorate.

He and his wife Letitia were high-school sweethearts and have been married nearly 25 years.

His sister has a TC3 property in Burwood and his parents' Dallington house was red-zoned.


After graduating from the University of Canterbury with a commerce degree, he "did some growing up and maturing" while working for a bank for about two years.

Moorhouse spent some time as a chartered accountant before moving to London where he spent nine years. It was there he developed a passion for software development, a career he has focused on for the past 20 years.

He now works at Pegasus Health.

"I find it unleashes the creative streak in me," he said.

Living overseas also opened up a whole new view of the world for Moorhouse.

But so too did his early days at St Bede's, where he took part in a protest against the Springbok tour in 1981.

"That was quite a radical and brave thing to do when you go to a rugby school like St Bede's."

Moorhouse said he saw the injustice of what was happening with apartheid in South Africa and felt compelled to stand up and protest.

While in London, he joined a political movement called Agenda 21 that was concerned about the effects of climate change.

When the couple returned to New Zealand 13 years ago, he began questioning the "clean and green" image the country sells globally.

Moorhouse eventually started "looking around" at various political parties to see which might be the best fit for him.

"I ended up asking what party was asking the right questions and the only one I saw were the Greens."

He joined the party in 2002 but was relatively inactive until he became its campaign manager for the Christchurch Central seat at the 2005 election.

He now sits on the party's national executive and was a popular party pick to stand in the by-election caused by new mayor Lianne Dalziel vacating the seat.


Age: 49

Married to Letitia for nearly 25 years; "hands-on Uncle" to seven nieces, eight nephews and three great-nephews and nieces.

Interests: Woodwork, making joinery and fittings.

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