South Brighton residents protest demolitions

06:01, Dec 13 2013

A trio of mischievous South Brighton residents has gone to great lengths to brighten their community's day with a video commemorating the demise of the local shops.  

The video, It's a Crack Innit?, was a community effort put together by John Arrillaga, Coen Willemse and Anthony Williams. 

Set to an original composition soundtrack, the musical includes a man in a bikini, a poke at Cera, and some risqué high-vis dance moves. 

Arrillaga said the video took a month to finish and was posted on YouTube this week. It bemoans the demolition of the South Brighton shops and the distance residents now have to travel for basic purchases. 

''All our shops got bowled in South Brighton,'' he said. ''There's a few really unhappy people and it's kind of a fun way to remember the area.

''We basically knocked a team together to make it. We wrote the song in about three hours after a couple of bourbons.'' 


Magic moments in the video include resident James Webb painting a house in a fetching frilly bikini. 

''He's basically up for anything,'' Arrillaga said. ''We had to force his clothes back on really.'' 

Musician Anthony Williams was quickly nominated as ''the only real acting talent'' and took the role of Cera, complete with wig. 

''We had lots of guys put their hand up to be in the video, but we had to convince a few ladies otherwise it would've been a real sausage-fest.'' 

Arrillaga even makes an appearance as ''the pie guy'' and took the role of ''the guy on the toilet'' when no-one else volunteered. 

While the whole video is ''a bit of a laugh'', Arrillaga said the community was really hurting. 

Shop owners in the block were given only three hours notice to clear out their businesses. Most were forced to leave behind valuable equipment and stock. 

The buildings have since been demolished.

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