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The World Buskers Festival 2013

Dallas Harema and Lucy Ferris

Dance proposal halts show

Love upstaged the buskers at the festival as a flash mob broke into step to aid Dallas Harema in his marriage proposal.

The power of puppetry

Sammy J & Randy 'absurd, funny, slick'

puppet strap REVIEW: If you are a certain age, you will have grown up with puppets.

Having a ball

Bendy Em's tight squeeze gets even tighter

The Card Ninja The $2500 Iron Chicken critics' award by The Press will give the winning buskers a huge boost, previous winners say.

Festival's first baby

Sam Wills The World Buskers Festival can boast its first baby.

Trick of the trade an eye-opener

hiro-pon A Japanese busker is performing a trick so dazzling it defies science.

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