Festival today, the world tomorrow

21:01, Jan 07 2014
Max Earnshaw, left, and Cam Champion
CAREER MOVES: Max Earnshaw, left, and Cam Champion entertain in the Re:Start Mall.

They are younger than the festival itself and not old enough to see many of the shows on offer.

Music and juggling act Max and Cam have fulfilled a dream - performing at the World Buskers Festival.

They are the youngest performers to star at the festival.

Yesterday, they entertained a large crowd at the Re:Start mall.

Max Earnshaw and Cam Champion, both 15, busk under the name I Gave These Guys Five Bucks.

They play guitar and sing harmonies, and Cam occasionally juggles while he sings.


They cover everything from the Rolling Stones to an acoustic version of Gangnam Style. They met at primary school and have been playing guitar for about six years.

Before the Canterbury earthquakes the pair would busk at the Arts Centre, but since then they have performed at various Christchurch markets.

The pair, who won the Be A Busker competition at last year's festival, have been invited back.

The Christchurch festival inspired them to start performing, Cam said.

"We go every year to watch the buskers festival. It is what inspired me to start juggling," he said.

Max said performing at the festival was a thrill.

"It is really fun to make people smile. It was truly overwhelming."

Cam said they hoped to turn their passion into a profession.

"We want this to be a big part of our lives.

"We will keep going as far as we can," he said.

Festival art director Jodi Wright predicts success for the duo.

"I expect to see them in some huge theatre on a world tour in no less than 10 years," she said.

"At the very least, I hope to see them at the Grammys. They are very talented and will go a long way."


These street buskers will be performing in Hagley Park today: Hilby – German juggler and winner of last year's Critics' Choice award. Bendy Em – A British contortionist who can fit inside a tiny glass box. Blackstreet Boyz – Festival regulars who are guaranteed to raise a smile.

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