Chch roads bring out the worst in people

The roads in Christchurch are horribly congested, and it's getting worse. Along with the general temperament of drivers, the plague of orange cones and roadworks has bought out the worst in people. Everywhere you look, there are single-occupant cars with drivers scowling and swerving.

Of course, the cyclists are not all well behaved either. We've all seen the red-light runners and the footpath-riders and the idiots with no lights or reflective clothing, but, hey, cyclists are more at risk in a car-bike encounter and the vulnerable need to be protected. End of story.

Christchurch could not be more of a perfect setting for an extensive system of safe cycleways. And it could help bring people back into the central city to reach their workplace (when it's built) and to enjoy all the riverside and retail development (if and when that happens).

In the meantime, avoid those hefty parking fees, keep fit and keep cycling but watch out for yourself. And drivers, please be considerate. We all have the right to use the road and sharing is caring.


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