Cycleway to link university with city

04:49, Jun 20 2014
Cyclist on Ilam Rd
CITY LINK: The new cycleway, dubbed Uni-Cycle, will pass through Ilam Rd, pictured.

Construction will begin this summer on a new cycleway connecting Canterbury University with the central city.

The new cycleway, dubbed Uni-Cycle, is one of 13 planned for the city, and will provide a link through Hagley Park, along Matai and Hinau streets to Ilam Rd, and through to the university campus.

''This route was a clear standout to be considered as one of the first to be built,'' said the council's environmental committee chairman, Cr Phil Clearwater.

''It will be a safe, convenient, separated connection to and from the central city for cyclists. This includes tertiary students attending the University of Canterbury and the College of Education, as well as pupils attending schools along the route.''

The cycleway would be a flagship route demonstrating the new and improved levels of service the major cycleway programme will deliver. It is hoped this will enable less confident cyclists to feel safe and therefore increase the number of cycle trips they take.

''With links to both Hagley Park and Riccarton Bush, it will also be popular with recreational riders as well as visitors,'' Clearwater said.


Public consultation had already been completed for improvements to Matai St East, including new signal controls to provide safe crossing of Deans Ave.

''Not only are most of those who responded in favour of better facilities for cyclists, they are enthusiastic about the opportunities for this route, which will be one of the best used in the network we are building,'' Clearwater said.

Some car parks would need to be removed to make way for the cycleway, but every effort would be made to limit the impact of the changes.

The major cycleways programme is expected to cost around $68 million.

Council staff are still working through complex issues such as detailed route design and whether land purchases will be required for other routes in the network.

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