reader report

Blackspots: Where's the apology?

My husband was hit by a careless driver while on his bike.

The driver saw him, but appears she turned into him anyway as my husband was travelling straight and the car driver was travelling in same direction, but then turned left.

He was thrown 15 metres and suffered a head injury.

My husband was a fit, active person.

He biked, swam, ran, orienteered and was a sports coach.

We have two active teenagers.

On February 13, the lady who hit my husband took away his enjoyment of life for some months.

In the early days, he couldn't remember how to do simple tasks like get out of bed, or make breakfast.

Fatigue and headaches dominated his life for seven months as a result of the head injury.

However, the biggest crime was after the accident when the lady who hit him claimed she was not guilty.

Her actions since the accident were horrific.

Never has she apologised or shown remorse.

In fact, in court she claimed my husband had an epileptic fit, his chain came off and he fell off his bike.

All lies, which the judge dismissed as it was not consistent with any witness reports. And my husband is not epileptic!

The lady who hit my husband has denied us so much.

However her biggest crime is that she lied, didn't admit her guilt and caused mountains of additional stress for us having to go through court.

She was suspended from driving for seven months.

She still hasn't apologised and we are still dealing with the consequences of her actions every day, nine months later.