Five speeding tickets in a week

04:33, Mar 04 2014
speeding family
MORE AWARE: Donna Wilkinson’s husband Miles Philpott and their two children received five speeding tickets between them within a week for travelling between 5kmh and 9kmh over the 50kmh limit.

A Christchurch family thought they were law-abiding drivers, until they received five speeding tickets in one week.

Each fine was $30 and for speeds ranging from 55kmh to 59kmh in 50kmh zones.

Two were for son Kris, 21, two for daughter Stephanie, 22, and one for Miles Philpott in wife Donna Wilkinson's car.

They were from speed camera vans, parked on Hoon Hay Rd, Somerfield St, Sparks Rd, Springs Rd and in Kaikoura in January.

Wilkinson said no-one in the family condoned speeding, but the fines seemed "a bit harsh".

"Me and my husband never get tickets. Now we're aware, we'll have to be more careful. It's probably a good thing, if you know something it makes you think about it."


They planned to pay the fines, despite one possibly being the responsibility of the new owner of her son's car.

Also clocked on Hoon Hay Rd in recent weeks was business owner Amy Clark, 28.

She received a speeding fine for travelling 54kmh in January.

"It has made me more aware of the speed I'm driving, so it's not necessarily a bad thing, just an unpleasant surprise. I'd rather have a ticket than kill a kid."

All police districts enforced a lower speed tolerance of 4kmh over the limit from December 1, 2013, to January 31, 2014.

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