Public votes in for cycleway names

03:02, Mar 18 2014

The results of Christchurch's name-that-cycleway competition are in.

After weeks of public voting, preferred names have been selected for the 13 new cycle routes planned for Christchurch but they still have to get past one more hurdle - the elected councillors - before they can be formally adopted.

The councillors have been given final say over what name should be attached to each of the routes, but council staff are recommending they endorse the public's picks.

The public picked Uni-Cycle as their preferred name for the Canterbury University to central city cycleway.

For the Northlands to central city cycleway they favour Papanui Parallel.

They want the cycleway connecting the city, via the Southern Motorway pathway, to the Christchurch Little River Rail Trail known as the Little River Link.


They believe the cycleway extending the northern and southern sections of the off-road rail pathway from Belfast to South Hagley Park and the central city should be called the Northern Line Cycleway.

They want the New Brighton to central city cycleway known as the Otakaro River route, and the central city to Ferrymead cycleway, which will link into the planned new coastal pathway into Sumner, called the Shag Rock cycleway.

The Nor'West Arc is their preferred name for the route from Hoon Hay, through Middleton, Upper Riccarton, Bryndwr and Papanui, while they want the route connecting Templeton, Hornby, Middleton and Riccarton to the central city called the Southern Line cycleway.

Quarryman's Trail is the name the public have chosen for the cycleway from Halswell to the central city.

They believe the route that follows Heathcote River from Princess Margaret Hospital to the estuary at Ferrymead should be called the Opawaho River Route.

Southern Lights is their name pick for the cycleway connecting the southern suburbs around Beckenham to the central city.

They have chosen Heathcote Expressway as the name for the cycleway from Heathcote through Woolston, Opawa, Waltham and Sydenham into the city centre and Wheels to Wings as the name for the route from Papanui to Christchurch airport

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