Tradie apologises for email rant

01:42, Mar 28 2014

A Canterbury tradesman has apologised to a cyclist for an abusive email - and his driving - after she was forced to swerve to avoid being hit by his ute.

The profanity-laden message from MB Roofing went viral on social media after the cyclist posted it online. 

Kiri Jarden, 44, had emailed the company with a firm but polite complaint about a driver's aggressive road behaviour in a company ute. 

She had to swerve to the left of the road to avoid being hit at the intersection of Manchester and St Asaph streets about 8.40am on Wednesday. 

The reply read: "lol f*** off b***, learn how to ride a f***ing bike."

The contractor did not respond to email and phone messages from The Press yesterday.


However, Jarden said she received another email from MB Roofing about 9pm last night. 

In it, the tradesman apologised for his "very unacceptable reply" the previous day. 

"I have no reasonable explanation for it. The reply was not like me at all. I'm very sorry for this and the incident that happened down St Asaph St. It would be really great if you could accept my apology," it read. 

Jarden said she responded by accepting the apology, and telling him it was not the worst driver behaviour she had seen. 

"I thought, 'that's cool mate'. People make mistakes. Take responsibility, a bit of forgiveness - that's what this was about," she said.

"It was probably quite hard [for him] to reply to that."

She said the publicity over the incident had sparked an "interesting debate" and she hoped all commuters would be more aware of how cyclists and drivers shared the road.

"I think it [the publicity] was more than he ever expected."

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