Commuting: Tell us about your trip to work

01:46, May 14 2014
Durham St traffic
CRAWLING: Traffic on Durham St heading south during rush hour.

Is your journey to work a misery of road works, traffic jams, and potholes or a chance to exercise, or unwind from the stresses of home or work?

Most Christchurch commuters have become used to the daily challenge of finding a new route around quake-related detours and contending with sudden blockages on usually quick-flowing roads.

But rage has exploded this week amongst city commuters as an escalation in road works causes rush hour gridlock at multiple intersections. The authorities say 40 road crews were now working within the four avenues and urge drivers to find alternative routes.

Has it affected you? is seeking reader's stories about their daily journey to work. Is your journey a misery or a non-event?

Do you drive, walk, bus or bike? Tell us why this is the option for you.

Do you have suggestions for others on keeping an even temper and a smiling face when you arrive at work or home each day?

Perhaps you made the adjustment a long time ago as the earthquakes brought major changes to workplaces, homes and working hours. What have you had to change?

Share your commuting tales, and your survival tips by hitting the green button below.


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