Clear skies a canvas for colour

21:46, May 21 2014
Sunrise over Christchurch, May 20, 2014
The sunrise over Christchurch was "worth getting out of bed for", writes a Christchurch and Canterbury Marketing spokesperson.
Sunrise over Christchurch, May 20, 2014
A stunning Otautahi sunrise.
Sunrise over Christchurch, May 20, 2014
The sun rises over the city in spectacular fashion.
Sunrise over Christchurch, May 20, 2014
MetService says clear skies are making for some "fantastic sunrises" in Christchurch this week.
Sunrise over Christchurch, May 20, 2014
Red sky in the morning, shepherds take warning.
Sunrise over Christchurch, May 20, 2014
A "gorgeous" sight in the early morning skies.
Sunrise over Hockey Park
GLORIOUS: A technicolour sunrise over Hockey Park in Bishopdale.
Sunset on Richmond Hill
RAYS: A spectacular horizon over Richmond Hill, Sumner.
Sunrise over Kilmore and Madras streets
FIERY: A red-tinged sunrise over the Kilmore and Madras streets intersection this week.
Taylors Mistake sunrise
GOLDEN HORIZON: The sunrise tinges the sea pink at Taylors Mistake on Sunday.
St Albans sunrise
RIPPLING: A striped dawn over St Albans.

Christchurch residents rose to stunning skies this morning for the third time this week.

MetService meterologist John Law said Christchurch had seen some "fantastic sunrises" this week because of the clear mornings.

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"Last night wasn't nearly as cold as the previous few nights," Law said, with the temperature hovering around 9 degrees Celsius.

However the MetService is warning of expected gales in the Canterbury high country this afternoon, with the risk of "severe gales" overnight tonight.

Law said the new few days would see a "bit more of a north westerly" coming through, which would keep temperatures up but could be "blustery".

Toward the end of the week, Law said to watch out for strong winds with "more of a showery weekend" in store.


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