Pumps at the ready as wet days forecast

03:45, Jun 10 2014
Dudley Creek pump
PREPARED: A pump is set up at Guild St culvert on Dudley Creek, ready to pump flood waters past the narrow part of the waterway,

Forecast rain has arrived in Christchurch but yesterday was not expected to cause the extensive flooding initially feared.

MetService meteorologist John Law said most of the rain was predicted for inland Canterbury.

Those areas could expect 100 to 150 millimetres of rain by tonight, but closer to Christchurch would get only 40 to 50mm.

The Christchurch City Council installed temporary pumps in the Flockton area ahead of predicted heavy rain, but it did not appear that level of rain would eventuate.

Law said the weather would remain wet for much of the week, but would start clearing by Friday.

"On the plus side, it's not cold," he said.


Daytime temperatures would hover around 10 degrees Celsius, with overnight temperatures sitting around 6C or 7C, Law said.

The AA reminded drivers to increase following distances with the heavy rain forecast for parts of the country.

Spokesman Dylan Thomsen said in extreme weather drivers should stay off the road if possible.

"If in doubt, don't risk it."

Motorists should be "extremely cautious of trying to drive through any flooded roads" because it could be hard to tell the water depth, he said. 

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