Southerly change to hit Canterbury

00:08, Aug 05 2014

Cantabrians are in for another southerly change, bringing rain overnight after a fine, dry day today.

The southerly front is expected to move up the South Island late this afternoon, MetService meteorologist John Laws said.

Wet cold weather will bring snow over higher ground with road snow warnings expected to be in place over Lewis Pass and Arthurs Pass tonight. Wednesday is expected to start with cloud and wet weather, but would pull away for a drier and brighter day. 

Northwesterly winds will pick up tomorrow afternoon and flow on to Thursday, bringing warmer temperatures.

After a high of 16 on Thursday, the north westerly will die away ahead of colder temperatures heading into Friday. 

A brisk cold south west flow is expected by the end of the week with brisk winds, Laws said. 

Showers will be isolated to Southland and Otago and coastal areas of Canterbury.

Snow to 300 metres was expected to hit Banks Peninsula on Friday. 

Ski fields could expect a good dump of snow overnight tonight and would welcome cooler temperatures over the weekend. 


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