Dry July for Christchurch weather

18:11, Aug 05 2014

It was a dry July in more than one way for many Christchurch residents.

In a month when thousands of Kiwis swear off alcohol to raise money for cancer, known as Dry July, the city was rated the coolest and driest area in New Zealand.

According to Niwa's monthly climate summary report for July, Auckland was the warmest of the six main centres, Wellington the wettest, Tauranga the sunniest and Dunedin the cloudiest.

Most areas had below average rainfall, but just 36 millimetres fell in Christchurch.

Christchurch's unusually dry weather also brought with it the city's second highest July temperature since 1863, when the mercury struck 22.2 degrees Celsius last Thursday.

At the other extreme, a mean temperature of 6.2C meant it was the coolest area on average around the nation.

The city had a near normal July when it came to total sunshine hours, totaling 119, well behind Tauranga which was blanketed in sunshine for 172 hours.


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